" A Typical Bronx School Day "
by Len Vivolo

Remember school field trips
They made for an exciting day
Always somewhere to go
A time for learning and a time for play

The Statue of Liberty
Museum of Art
The Public Library
All of which you felt a part

Off to the Planetarium
Museum of Natural History
Every trip an education
Nothing left a mystery

Pack a bagged lunch
Eat it at the park
Then it's back to school
And home before dark

Sitting down for dinner
Anxious to share
All about your exciting day
With all who would hear

Then it's time for bed
For much needed rest
But you lay awake and worry
About tomorrow's spelling test

So ends a " Typical Bronx School Day"
Always fast paced
Now it's time to dream
About that spelling test you aced

Library of Congress Copyright@2000 Len Vivolo

"Bronx Snow Days"
by Len Vivolo

When Fall gave way to Winter
Oh, how we loved the snow
Daylight turned to darkness
And the wind began to blow

A sudden hush took over noisy streets
As snow continued to pile
And cars silently slip and slide
After it's been snowing for a while

Red Flyer sleds come out of storage
It's time to wax up those gliders
And from the top of every hill
Can be seen a multitude of riders

On your mark!...Get set!...Go!
Turn to the left, then to the right
Watch out for those parked cars
Hold on.....this is gonna be tight!

And kids lined up along the path
With snowballs firmly in hand
After taking careful aim
Upon your head they'd land

Now almost at the bottom of the hill
Onto a bank of snow you'd swerve
Then mom's voice would call
"Dinner is being served"

You dash into the hallway
With radiators all aglow
Mom awaits your frozen hands
With a nice hot cup of Cocoa

Ah, the good ol' "Bronx Snow Days"
I long to relive them again
To laugh!...To frolic!...To play!
What joy........just to remember when

Library of Congress Copyright@2000 Len Vivolo

" Tastes Of The Bronx "
by Len Vivolo

Can you remember the taste
Of that good ol' bronx food
Your favorite place for pizza
For which you were always in the mood

How about some spicy deli mustard
Spread inside a Potato Knish
On a cold winters day
That was my favorite dish

Chicken Chow Mein with Fried Rice
Every neighborhood had one of these
The aroma made everyone yell
"Let's order.....Chinese!"

Off to the Yankee Stadium, to take in a game
Soda, Pop Corn, Hot Dogs and Sauerkraut
With Peanuts and Cracker Jacks in hand
That's what it's all about

I can still taste that Vanilla Malt
Or that scrumptious Chocolate Egg Cream
Always good to the very last drop
But never enough...though it did seem

Cylindrical Ice Cream
A cone with an oblong hole
Making a really great treat
None other than a Mello Roll

A soft salty Pretzel
For ten cents it sold
It sure tasted good
Whether hot or cold

That Red-Delicious or McIntosh fruit
Between your teeth would crackle
Dipped in Caramel or Cherry
That yummy..."Candy Apple"

At the end of a perfect day
Stop off for a Nedick's Orange Juice
Cake and whipped cream with a cherry on top
Known as..."Charlotte Russe"

So as I think back when
To the days of the Bronx I remember
All these great tastes just for the asking
From January thru December

Library Of Congress Copyright@2000 Len Vivolo

"Independence Day" 
Bronx Style !
by Len Vivolo

Remember back to the 4th of July
In the Bronx the way it was
With kids anxious to celebrate
And the atmosphere all abuzz

By day...with saved up pennies in hand
For fire crackers we would shop
Then when came the darkness of night
They'd all go Pop! Pop! Pop!

Tie a bunch together
Light the fuse and run
Close your eyes and cover your ears
The night has just begun

From high upon the rooftop
Drop Cherry Bombs and await the sound
To see which one would go off first
Before it hit the ground

What about those sparklers
Above your head would swirl and turn
If you weren't careful
You'd get a nasty burn

Who could throw them highest
Up in to the sky
Watching for the sparkling trail
Up and away they'd fly

And when the 4th was over
And all was said and done
Off to bed we'd go
To dream of all the fun

Library Of Congress Copyright@2000 Len Vivolo

"A Hot Bronx Summer Day"
by Len Vivolo

Remember "Bronx Summers?"
Long, hot and muggy
Oh, how we looked forward
To " The Ice Man Buggy "

June is upon us and school is done
A couple of months off...just to have fun
Just as you swing at the street hockey puck
It's the magical sound of the carnival ride truck

A yell to mom three flights up
Can you throw me a dime?
I want to ride "The Whip"
And have a good time

Outside your neighborhood precinct
On a hot day, like an oven of convection
Our men in blue stood tall
All lined up for inspection

It's thundering and lightning, and getting dark
Time to run home, all the way from the park
With no umbrella and drenched clear thru
With towel in hand, good ol' mom waits for you

Tibbetts Brook, Mirama and Castle Hill
All three a swimming pool
An excellent day trip to take
A good way to keep cool

Sitting out on the fire escape
After a bath and just before bed
That nasty kid two flights up
Just spit upon your head

Time to turn on the game
The Yankees play ball
One, two, three strikes you're out
And it's a good night to all

Library Of Congress Copyright@2000 Len Vivolo

"Bronx From The Rooftops"
by Len Vivolo

Ever just take time-out to remember when
Back to the days as a little  "Bronxite"
On a windy day to the rooftop you'd climb
To fly that bright colored paper kite?

What about raising those "Homing Birds"
Twenty Pigeons to a coop
Up, up and away they'd fly
All around in a circular loop

Can you remember those great parades
Trumpets, flutes and tuba
A marching band all in line
Playng John Philip Sousa

Rooftops in the Bronx
Were a very busy place
To lay out for some sun
Or hang to dry your linen and lace

Some folks like to gather and talk
On a hot night, to cool off too
Even just to watch the stars
The rooftop offered an excellent view

Such was life in the Bronx, New York
Country folks just can't comprehend
An era of time long, long past
To our innermost memory, do we commend
Library Of Congress Copyright@2000 Len Vivolo

"Christmas Memories In New York"
by Len Vivolo

It's Christmas in New York
The memories come rushing back
I see a man in a red suit
And over his shoulder a bulging sack

The traditional trip to Macy's windows
Those moving figures which sang and danced
With children's eyes wide open
In utter amazement they glanced

It's off to Rockefeller Center
All aglow...a 90 foot tree
And all around the ice skating rink
People frolic with glee

A ride thru Central Park
Upon a horse-drawn cart
Two lovers cuddle close
And give each other their heart

Saint Patrick's Cathedral please
You instruct a Cabby for hire
And on every corner the aroma
Of chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Now it's time for the big show
At Radio City Music Hall
Waiting on line you shiver and chatter
As the snow begins to fall

These are the memories
Of Christmas In New York
Embedded deep within my mind
Of which I'll always talk

"Bronx Friendships"
by Len Vivolo

The good old Bronx is a special place
Where friendships last forever
And  though we've gone our separate ways
Destiny has brought us back together

Tho' many a year has come and gone
With nary a word spoken
The Internet puts us back in touch
A renewal of relationships broken

While old memories are made new
We recall the days long past
And all the things we thought to do
To make our childhood go by fast

Now middle age has made us mellow
We beseech "Father Time" to slow down
Realizing how short and precious life is
Instinct makes us want to hang around

As we share our lives as it is today
The happy reports make us glad
Yet, as reality would have it
Other stories make us sad

So now that fate has drawn us nigh
May the miles never again keep us apart
As we endeavor to stay in touch
From this day forward...Heart to Heart !

"Ode To The Bronx"
by Len Vivolo

Ah, the good old days in the Bronx
Our borough stands tall
Upon any street or sidewalk
Can be played any game at all

Stick Ball, Curb Ball, Stoop Ball
Points, Hit The Stick and Kick The Can
Listen! Can you hear the horse-drawn cart?
It's The Watermelon Man!

On every corner a candy store
Bonomos Turkish Taffy, Mellow Roll
Mary Jane Bar and Egg Cream too
And don't forget Bazooka bubble gum to chew

The Five & Ten, Butcher Shop and A&P
All just a stones throw away
Alexander's, Cushman's & Sutter's Bakeries
Never to open on Sunday

Halloween with that old sock
Filled with crushed chalk to whirl
The big chase begins
Boy after girl

As snow begins to fall
On a cold dark winter night
If you couldn't believe it
Just look toward any streetlight

As kids rise early next morn
And rush to their radios
Anxiously waiting to hear
That school would be closed

With a snowman in the yard
Red Ryder sleds atop every hill
Snowball fights abound
All firing at will

As spring draws near
And snow begins to fade
Little children study hard
Hoping to make the next grade

Now summer is upon us
We yearn for "The Good Humor Man"
It's so hot and muggy
We all thank God..... for the fan

Let us therefore hold tight to our past
Though gone for now, ask not why
For surely we will live again
In our beloved Bronx....in the sky!