"The Grandkids"
Grandkids?.............You mean it's that time of life already?
Dylan Patrick     Born March 23, 1999
Dylan Patrick
Dylan Patrick
Dylan Patrick
Chase Sebastian  Born July 30, 2003
Dylan At Three Years Old
Dylan At Four Years Old
Dylan At Four Years Old
Dylan At Four Years Old
Dylan Patrick
Chase Sebastian
Chase Sebastian
One Day Old
Chase Sebastian
One Day Old
Chase Sebastian
Three Hours Old
Chase' First Bath At Home
Thanks Mom...this feels soooo good!
Chase Smiling at 5 weeks Old
Chase Smiles at 5 Weeks Old
Chase At 2 Month's Old
Chase At 2 1/2 Month's Old
Chase At Four Month's
Chase At Four Month's
Chase' First Christmas 2003
Chase Eating Jar Food
6 Month's Old
Dylan Drinking A Malt
Summer 2003
Chase At 7 Month's Old
Chase At 7 Month's Old
Dylan In Tee Ball Uniform Age Age 5
Chase' First Easter 2004
Dylan On Baseball Card
Chase at 9 Month's Old
Cousins Chase & Dylan
Summer of 2004
Chase  Sooo  Big!!!
One Year Old
Dylan's First School Picture
Dylan Posing In Jogging Suit
5 Years Old
Christmas 2004
Chase On Valentines Day 2005
18 month's old
Chase At The Park
18 Month's Old
Chase Riding His Motorized Cycle
18 Month's Old
Chase Down The Slide
18 Month's Old
Chase.......18 Month's Old
Dylan Almost 6
Dylans Reward For Good Behavior
Six Years Old
Proud Dylan At Six
Chase Eating Yogurt By Himself
Not A Good Idea!
Chase Eating Yogurt All By Himself
18 Month's Old
Chase Checks Out The Sales
18 Month's Old
Chase Reads The Paper Upside Down
18 Month's Old
Cool Chase....20 Month's Old
Chase With Sunglasses...20 Month's Old
Chase Wearing Bandana ...20 Month's Old
Bandana Chase...20 Month's  Old
Dylan Class Picture
6 Yeares Old
Dylan At Karate
6 Years Old
April 2005
Chase Eating Candy
22 Month's Old
Chase Eating Corn On The Cob
2 Years Old
Chase & Dylan
Summer 2005
Hugging Cousins
Chase & Dylan 2005
Happy Cousins
Chase In Shopping Cart
Chase The Construction Worker
Dylan...7 Years Old
Halloween 2005
Dylan & Chase Summer 2006
Cousins Forever
Funny Faces
Cousins Watching T.V.
Cousins In P.J.'s
Riding The Shopping Cart
On The Swings
Visiting Great Grandpa
Pop Pop, Dylan & Chase 2006
The Arrival
Our New Granddaughter
Hayden Jene'

Born September 21st, 2006... 7:24 a.m.
7lbs 9oz. 21 1/4 inches

Proud Daddy
Proud Mommy
Hayden at 8 Month's Old
Dylan Karate Red Belt
8 Years Old
Hayden  2 Years Old
Hayden  2 Years Old
Dylan  9 Years Old .....Chase  5 Years Old .....Hayden 2 Years Old
Hayden  2 Years Old
Dylan, Chase & Hayden
Christmas 2008
Hayden, 2 yrs & Chase 5yrs
Chase & Hayden
Christmas 2008
Chase & Hayden 2009
Dylan...10 Years Old
Chase...6 Years Old
Hayden...3 Years Old
Chase Seven Years  and Hayden Four Years
Dylan, 11 Years Old
Chase, Hayden and Dylan
Christmas 2010
Dylan In 7th Grade
Dylan In 7th Grade