Thanksgiving  2005
For the first time in many years, the Vivolo's were able to be all together on Thanksgiving Day 2005.  These pictures represent four generations.  Great Grandma, Grandparents, Children and Great Grandchildren.
From left to right........Glen, Lauren (wife of Glen), Lenny, Mickey,
Great Grandma Vivolo, Steve, (Husband of Arianna), Arianna, Samantha, (daughter of Steve) Chase, (Son of Glen & Lauren), and Dylan, (Son of Arianna)
Lenny, Great Grandma Vivolo, Granddaughter Arianna & Great Grandson Dylan Patrick.
Lenny, Great Grandma Vivolo, Grandson Glen & Great Grandson Chase Sebastian.
Great Grandson Dylan Patrick, Great Grandma Vivolo & Great Grandson Chase Sebastian.
Grandma Vivolo & Granddaughter Arianna
Grandma Vivolo & Grandson Glen
Cousins Dylan & Chase
Glen, Lauren & Chase
Arianna, Steve, Dylan & Samantha
Great Grandma Vivolo & Santa