Bronx, New York
Welcome to "Pictures Of Old And
New Friends".....On this page you will find pictures of the crowd we hung out with in the Bronx back in the 50's and 60's . The girls are identified by their maiden names as we remember them.  Some will have their pictures then and now. Anyone who can relate to this page and would like their picture to be included or if they have a picture of another friend who hung out with us , may send or e-mail the picture to me.  Let's see how many of the old crowd we can get back together on this page 
Lenny Vivolo
463 E. 178th St
Maureen Rivera
495 E. 178th St.
Jackie Ventola
391 E. 143rd.St.
Suzan Brown
1888 Bathgate Ave.
A day at Battery Park. From left to right....Yvonne Valdez, Peggy Carroll, Connie Ruffo, Cidie Ruffo and Mary Tully.
Prom Night from left to right...Richie Santini, Lenny Vivolo, Yvonne Valdez and Rosemary  Russano.
Up on the roof playing the guitar is Lenny Vivolo and Richie (Pitsy) Fleming.
Carol Eberhardt  and Connie Ruffo
New Years Eve Party from left to right...Lenny Vivolo, Philly Culliney, Jerry Curci, Mike Guerierri and Kevin Maroney
by Len Vivolo

Throughout My Life
I've Been Up And Down
Sunny, Gray and Blue

But I'm Always Lifted
When I Think Back
And Remember All Of You
Eileen Carroll
485 E. 178th St.
Jackie Ventola
Jackie, Lenny, Suzan
August 2001
Still Making Friends
Meet The Innkeepers
"The Bronx Lodge"
Friends are like flowers which blossom. Above are the friends with whom I began my journey through the first half of my life and continue to enjoy to this day, while  below are the new friends I have made through "The Bronx Lodge" message board  with whom I will journey the rest of the way.  We're just ordinary folks who came to know one another through that one special bond we all have in common.... "The Bronx."  In the past year, the seeds of friendship were planted and nurtured and have blossomed into the wonderful lasting friendship we enjoy today.
Bob Balogh
Ruth Kregler  and  Daughters
Carol (left) and Lynn (right)
Fran & Joe Gyomory
and Dog "Babe"
Len & Mickey Vivolo
Grandson Dylan
At Disney 2001
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To Visit Us
from Washington Ave, Bathgate Ave,  Webster Ave, Park Ave, and Tremont Ave, between 176th & 180th Street. 
Len Vivolo's Wedding
With Richie Santini
As The Best Man
May 10, 1969
Pat Driscoll
Washington Ave.
Annmarie Banker 
178th St
Washington - Park Ave
Peter Flatley
3rd Avenue
178th - 179th
Linda McNamara Husband Mike
Park Avenue
Tremont - 178th
Nicky Visconti
3rd Avenue
178th - 179th
Chris Mahr
Husband Joe
3rd Avenue
178th - 179th
Annmarie Banker Spencer
Husband Bob
25th Anniversary
Billy Banker
178th St.
Washington - Park
Kenny Banker
178th St.
Washington - Park
Pat Buchas
178th & Park
Jim & Rita Reilly
Maiden Name
Rita Post
Nick & Tony Castrovinci
Jack Nitschke
Delores & Diane Del Guidice
Rita (Post) Reilly, Husband Jim and Daughter Jennifer's family.
April 2002
Veronica Lyons, Charlie Quinn, Mike Tully
Bernie Halligan
Abe & Joe Renert
Tony Mazzeo
Phyllis Mazzeo
Jack Nitschke
Carl Stella
Tom Walsh
Charlie Quinn
Sue K.

Al Slavin
Tony Mazzeo
Phyllis Mazzeo
Joel Herzberg
Lou and Jan Gerst...2000
Susan Kelly
John P. Kelly
August 19, 1941- July 16, 2002
John joined his first marching band (St. Joseph's Drum & Bugle Corps.)  He carried that talent on to become the founding charter member of the N.Y.C. Transit Police Emerald Society Irish Warpipe Band.
John P. Kelly
St. Joseph's Drum & Bugle Corps.
Jerry Boyle
Left To Right
Maria Tinelli Reale, Eleanor Santini, Richie Santini, Anna Masi, Harry Masi
Joey and Maria Reale Wedding
Left To right
Kevin Moroney, Richie Santini, Philly Culliney, Hary Masi, Joey Reale
Maria Tinelli Reale, Stacie Bracco Tinelli, Roe, Anna Masi, Peggy Carroll Visconti

Anthony Solimine and Gregory Crossman