Below are pictures of the buildings in our Bronx neighborhood that we remember from our youth.
Above is Alexander's on Fordham Road & The Grand Concourse Circa 40's
Above is Alexander's as it stands vacant today
Above is The Winter Garden on Washington Avenue between Tremont & 176th St. Circa 40's
Above is The Winter Garden as it stands today
Above is The Old White Castle Hamburger Restaurant on Fordham Road
Above is the New White Castle On Fordham Road
Above is the Rogers Building which houses Sears & Roebucks On Park Avenue & Fordham Road Circa 50's
Above is The Jerome Skating Rink on Jerome Avenue & Fordham Road
Above is an English Tudor Style House on Washington Avenue & 174th St.
Above is Sutter's Bakery on The Grand Concourse & Fordham Road
Above is Tremont Avenue looking up from Park Avenue.
On the right is Kass Hardware and where Shipmans Stationary, Michgan's Drug Store, Fox Theater, Viebrock's Ice Cream Parlor and the Pawn Shop used to be.
Above is the Library on 176th St. & Washington Avenue.
Across the street in the background is P.S. 58.
Above is Tremont Avenue between Bathgate & 3rd  Avenue.
Carvel Ice Cream Store and The Candy Pantry later occupied these stores in the 50's & 60's.
Above is St. Joseph's Church on Bathgate Avenue between Tremont Avenue and 178th St.
Would someone please identify this church by name? It is located on Bathgate Avenue around 173rd or 174th St.
Above is a full view Of St. Joseph's Church
Above is St. Joseph's Catholic School
Above is The Church Rectory and Brother's Home
Oh, those Fire Escapes!  While they were for safety in the event of a fire, we found other uses for them.  At Christmas time, we stored the Christmas Tree on the fire escape so it would stay cold until it was time to bring it in to decorate.  On hot , humid summer nights, we would sit out on the fire escape hoping to catch the slightest breeze or just sit and talk.  If you had a relative or friend that lived over, under or next door to you, we would use the fire escape to climb up, down or over to visit by crawling through the window.