"Cool Cars In The Bronx".

As I think back to my Dad's old cars
I find myself in a state of flabbergaster
That old 54' Buick Century
And that two-tone 57' Roadmaster

Then came the sixties
With cars changing style
Gracing Bronxborough streets
Mile after mile

A burgandy 64' Chevy Malibu
Complimented with black decor
A Candy Apple Red 63' Impala
With console and four speed on the floor

Pontiac made a GTO
And it looked cool in blue
But nothing could compare
To Oldsmobile's 442

My first new car.....Catalina convertible
Among the first called "Wide Track"
A white rag top and diamond shaped window
Chrome "Dual Glasspacks" sticking out the back

Studebaker, Willy's and the tiny two-tone Nash
Packard and Hudson's heavy four door
These were the cars of yesteryear
They just don't make them anymore

Library Of Congress Copyright@2000 Len Vivolo
"Bronx Places To Remember"

Remember "Carvel" and their delicious ice cream cake
How about Jahn's Famous "Kitchen Sink"
Egg Cream, Malt or plain vanilla cone
Of diet and calories you did not think

A movie at Fox, Loew's, Paradise or Devon
For fifty cents you got a great deal
One whole feature and ten cartoons
And a current black and white news reel

Alexander's, A & P and Sutter's Bakery
Robert Hall and Woolworth's 5&10 Cent Store
Sears Robuck on Fordham Road and Park
Flag Brother's Shoes and clothing shops galore

Beautiful parks all over town
Echo, Crotona, Poe and Bronx Zoo
Short-lived "Freedom Land"
And Van Cortlandt too

Botanical Gardens, Fordham University
Adorned with blooming flowers and vine
Each having its special place
In recorded annals of time

Fordham Road, Tremont Avenue, Southern Blvd
And the beautiful "Grand Concourse"
Whether for shopping or living
Each of them a great source

When traveling to and fro
From the Bronx to any domain
Just hail a cab or bus
Or even ride the train

And so it was
As we remember it to be
Our dearly beloved "Bronx"
A "Shining Gem"..... in the land of the free

Library Of Congress Copyright@2000 Len Vivolo
" Da Sounds Of Da Bronx "

I can still hear the sound of the horsedrawn cart
And the raggedy-dressed bearded man calling out
And Mom shouting......any Brussels Sprouts?

Kids riding upon their bikes
Tied to the frame............ a red balloon
With wheel spokes brushing gently against

The carnival ride truck plays "Pop Goes The Weasel"
Upon its back, a ride called "The Whip"
Hey Johnny!  Got two bits?
I gotta go on, or I'll just flip!

Then there was that "Air Raid Siren"
Nervous folks wait for the "Bright White Flash"
And the "Loud Boom" which never came
Kids "Duck & Cover"..... to their desks they dash

With noisy squeaky brakes
Along comes the garbage man
With the clinking and clanging sound
Of the old dented ash can

Listen to the sound of the on-coming train
Third Ave/Jerome Ave. El
Did I ever jump the turnstyle?
This I'll never tell

On every Saturday a knock at the door
You'd hear him clearly over the sound of the fan
Who is it, you'd ask?
He replied...... "It's the Fuller Brush" man!

Library Of Congress Copyright@2000 Len Vivolo

"The Miracle Of Bronxboard"

There was just something wonderful about the Bronx
Especially the people who lived there
A sense of ethnic community
Was something we all seemed to share

It mattered not what nationality you were
Italian, Irish, German or Jew
Just neighbors working and living in harmony
All trying hard to make do

Some folks chose to remain
While others scattered far abroad
Miles upon miles separated old friends
Then along came "Bronxboard"

Now memories burst with new life
As postings seek long lost friends
Even for severed relationships
"Bronxboard" can make amends

With many friends of old
We have come to know again
Some stories are tragic and sad
While for others we can rejoice and be glad

Bringing many ex-Bronxites great joy
It seems we are of one accord
As we each seek long lost friends
Through this miracle called "Bronxboard"

Library Of Congress Copyright@2000LenVivolo