"Da Stoop"
by Len Vivolo

What are these familiar looking things
Upon which we sat
To Laugh!  To Frolic!  To Play!
Or just spit Sun Flower seeds and chat

Some are painted red, and some are white
Still others are made of brick
They provided us with a place to hang-out
When the hot summer air was muggy and thick

Off the steps we would play ball
Or even slide down the rail
We pitched penny's and flipped trading cards
And just waited for the mail

Many a tall story was told here
A great place to get all the hot scoop
But ya just have to come from "Da Bronx"
To know they are called "Da Stoop"

P.S. 59 on Bathgate Avenue & 184th St.
Samuel Gompers Industrial High School
Southern Blvd. & 145th St.
Bronx Eye & Ear Clinic
Tremont & Webster Avenues
Italian Market
Arthur Avenue & 187th St.
St. Joseph's Catholic Church on Bathgate Avenue & 178th St.  Known as "The Cathedral Of The Bronx" Built in 1873 and still stands tall 128 years later.
Ceiling of Stars At St. Joseph's
Rivera's Funeral Home...Previously Fox Funeral Home
St. Joseph's Rectory and Brother's Old House
St. Joseph's School
Public Library on Washington Avenue & 176th St.
Photography by Jack Nitschke
Corner building Bathgate & 178th St.
Looking Up Bathgate Avenue From 178th St.
St. Joseph's Stained Glass Window