Dennis James Vivolo
November 25, 1949   -   April 7, 2002
Rest In Peace
Love....Mom, Anita, Richie and Lenny
" Brother's Apart "
by Len Vivolo

How sad the meeting
When I saw my brother last
My Flesh...My Blood...My Friend
Our time together gone too fast

Thin, frail and glassy-eyed
A face so pale with clothes fitting loose
His body racked with pain
From all the years of substance abuse

Sitting face to face
We broke bread and shared
Trying to heal our relationship
Which somehow got impaired

I tried to be his friend
And help him find a place to stay
But the influence of drugs and alcohol
His better judgement took away

When our time together was over
We embraced and wished each other well
Then he walked off toward the west
To resume his life of hell

As I drove toward the east
Into the rear-view mirror I'd stare
To see his silhouette against the back-lit sky
Slowly fading over the horizon's glare

Then I brushed away a little tear
In a very stealthily pace
And I wondered if it would be the last time
I would ever look upon his face

If only I could turn back the hands of time
When he and I were close
But instead I fear that emergency call
About a fatal overdose

Now my worst fear has come to pass
The phone has rung and I sighed
As the voice on the other end quivered
 To say my brother had died

Lord, look not upon his sins and be merciful to him
Let your love and forgiveness shine upon his face
Grant him eternal rest and salvation
In heaven's final resting place

Confirmation Day
May, 1961
Sister and Brother's
Anita, Richie, Lenny and Dennis
Baby Dennis, Anita, Lenny & Richie
Dennis and Lenny
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Dennis James Vivolo 52, passed away on April 7, 2002.  Dennis was born on November 25th, 1949 in the Bronx, New York. He attended P.S. 59 elementary school, Junior High P.S. 118 and Samuel Gompers Vocational High School.  He was an avid guitar player and wrote his own music. He is survived by his mother Mary Ann Vivolo,  Sister Anita Benevento,  and two Brothers Richard and Leonard Vivolo.
Lenny, Nephew Steven, Dennis