Memories Of Unforgettable Mom

We Love You Mom....and thank you for touching each our lives in your special humorous and "UNFORGETTABLE"  way, from children, to grandchildren to great grandchildren.  We're not saying goodbye.........just so long for now until we meet again.
On this memorial page we celebrate the life of Mariann Vivolo.....Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Great Grandmother, Sister, Aunt to many Neices and Nephews and a friend to many.
Our Mom.....Mariann Vivolo
April 21st, 1913 - May 29th,  2012
Mom and Dad
The Children
Anita, Leonard, Richard & Dennis
Granddaughter Arianna
Grandson Glen
Granddaughter Gina

The Great Grandchildren
The Grandchildren
Hayden & Chase
Her Younger Years
Her Brothers
Nick, Pete, Tony, Ben & Frank

Her Sisters
 Mom, Rose, Madalyn, Millie, Nancy, Josie
Mom With Great Grandchildren
Florida Lunch With Pete & Tony
Fun With Great Grandson Dylan
Fun With  Great Grandson Chase
Holding Great Grandson Chase On Halloween
Feeding Great Grandson Chase
Mom Having Fun With Santa
Her Parents
Theresa & Caesar
Mom......April 2009
Watch the You Tube Video Of Her Singing In Italian By Clicking On The Arrow In The Picture Below......
I'm Outta Here....So Long For Now !
Steve & Arianna
Lauren & Glen
Steven & Jeannie
Her Humorous Years
Tony & Anita
Lenny & Mickey
Family Tree
License, registration and proof of insurance please.
Howdy Partner
Shhhhh.....Z's Z's  Z's
Home from senior day care.....
Happy Birthday Mom
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Cheering on the grandkids on school field day....
Mom's 99th Birthday Party
April 21st, 2012
Riding upon a region of clouds, I journey to anothr place and time.  A journey across the great divide into an eternal dream and to a feast of joy and love known but to those who truly believe.  Carry me home  to my eternal destiny oh Lord, with you the wind beneath my wings, to that place where there is no more aging, no more suffering, no more sickness or death and where all my tears shall be wiped away forevermore. 
Mother's Day 2012