"Bronx Pictures Of Yesteryear"
1930's  1940's   1950's  1960's

Old Train At Woodlawn Station 1940
Inside Old 1941 Car 
This picture is of BMT Standard car.  It served Brooklyn & Manhattan.
Trolly on Tremont Avenue 1941
Sears Roebuck on Fordham Road between Park & Webster where my dad bought my first bike.  I rode it home from there.  A schwinn,  with electric horn and turn signals.
Washington Avenue & 174th St.
Hey girls....can you just picture yourselves playing Hop-Scotch, Double Dutch or Jump Rope on that sidewalk? "A" my name is Alice, and my husbands name is Al, and we come from Alabama and we sell apples"  Etc. Etc.
St. Ann's Avenue & 138th St.
Willis Avenue & 148th St.  1948
Tremont Avenue & Southern Boulevard
Jerome Avenue El at 170th St.
Submitted by Richie Santini
From The Web Site "Highbridge, Da Bronx" by Bob Balogh

Gas Station On Castle Hill Ave & Parker St.  1930's
Submitted By Mark Janaro
Remember These Mini Juke Box Stations At Each Table At The Ol' Ice Cream Parlor?
St. Joseph's Drum & Bugle Corps
Priests:  Father John McCann & Monsignor David O'Connor
American Flag holder: Jack Nitschke
Joey Driscoll: Top Row, 4th from left
(Submitted by Jack Nitschke)
Interior Of St. Joseph's Church
Bathgate Ave. Between  178th St. & Tremont  Ave.
Outside St. Joseph's Church
You'll never see this again at that price
The Ice Delivery Man
The Knife Sharpening Man
The Milk Delivery Man
Bronx Ear, Nose And Throat Hospital
White Castle Hamburgers