What Is Death
But An Opposite To Birth
A Time When We All
Shall Leave This Earth

A Peaceful Sleep
As We Lay In Wake
For The Lord Our God
Our Soul To Take

The Trumpet Shall Sound
Mighty Its Blast
Christ Calls Us Home
Souls Free At Last

Far Too Long
Did Deaths Fear Ring
Swallowed Up In Victory
Now Where's Thy Sting

A Spiritual Journey
Far, Far Abroad
Absent From The Body
But Present With The Lord

Library Of Congress Copyright@2000 Len Vivolo
Based On Scripture:  1st Thessalonians 4:15-18.
On Death and Dying

Dying is like a snowflake standing before the sun and melting into the wind out of the wilderness, carrying us to a place we cannot reach alone, and God is that wind beneath our wings.

In a news conference, just days before his death, Cardinal Bernardine of Chicago gave this statement...........

"We can look at death as a friend or an enemy. I prefer to look at death as a friend.  A mere transition from earthly life to life eternal."